Rahul Soshte 'Hunter'

Hi. This is my personal website. No Animations or flashy colours. Me.

I'm a guy from India. I was born on 4th November,1997. I live in Mumbai.
I have graduated in Computer Engineering ( 2015-2019 ) from the University of Mumbai.



  1. QuoteHunter
  2. It is Android App which shows Random Quotes,Quotes by Famous Personalites.

  3. HunterPad
  4. It is a Android App which is a Scribbling Pad and a Diary.

  5. Intruder Detector
  6. It is a OpenCV application which detects if there is movement and captures the image and saves It.

  7. Moisture Sensor
  8. Arduino Application which checks the conductivity and Tells if the plant need more water or not.

  9. UTSAV College Cultural Festival App
  10. A application describing and notifying the user about the events of the annual cultural festival UTSAV for my alma mater VESIT (Chembur, Mumbai)

  11. Hunter
  12. It is a basic Operating System in C which was developed by following the tutorials on osdev

  13. BSE Stock Market Analysis using Python
  14. BSE means Bombay Stock Exchange. The oldest stock market in India. I analyzed some of its stocks using ML Techniques


You can email me at rahul.soshte50@gmail.com

I also have a Youtube Channel https://www.youtube.com/c/RahulSoshte/

My medium Blogs https://medium.com/@rahul.soshte47



I use Python, MongoDB, NodeJS, Rust on a daily basis

I also use Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator daily and am quite good at it.